Dramatic Castle Elopement in Ireland

Sarah and Cory are among those adventurous couples who want nothing but serenity and breathtaking views for their big day. Their dream wedding is far from a huge crowd of people singing, dancing, and drinking the night away. In their heart of hearts, they wanted a unique elopement in Ireland, in a scenic spot far away from home. True enough, when their big day arrived, they found themselves inside a castle ruin 3000+ miles away from home, reciting their vows with no guests at all. 

Scenic Castle Ruin Elopement in Co. Kerry

How did they plan a destination wedding?

It took Sarah and Cory only eight months of planning from day one until the day of their elopement in Ireland. That’s because they knew exactly what they wanted which does not involve too many people or too complicated elements.

The two opted to hold an elopement ceremony in the quiet region of County Kerry with a very low population. Their chosen destination is a plane ride away from Canada, their home country, and it’s not practical to go back and forth just to plan their wedding.

So Sarah and Cory sought the assistance of Peach Perfect Weddings, a wedding planning agency that specializes in helping couples get married in Europe seamlessly. It was in February when they first got in touch with the company, and from then on, they got the help they needed.

Rahinane Castle in Dingle Castle Ruin Elopement in Ireland Wedding in a ruined castle

About the Venue

Of the long list of venues in Ireland presented to Sarah and Cory, they chose Rahinnane castle. Here are a few amazing things about their chosen elopement venue:

– It’s a national monument and a tower house in Ireland that dates back to the 7th to 8th AD. Yes, it’s that old!

– It’s located on top of a hill that’s covered in rich grasslands where sheep and lambs freely roam.

– One of the reasons why it’s a popular choice for an elopement venue by couples traveling to Ireland is that it offers splendid views of the surrounding old Irish villages and the Atlantic Ocean.

– It’s also one of the few castle ruins in Ireland where you can hold a ceremony right inside the castle!

The Big Day

On the day of their elopement, Sarah and Cory had a simple ceremony inside the castle with no one else but their officiant and photographer.

They did a traditional handfasting ceremony that literally symbolizes ‘tying the knot’ as newlyweds. As with every couple on their wedding day, they exchanged vows and rings, kissed, and were pronounced as husband and wife… But just when you think the day is over, the most exciting part of their elopement was just beginning.

Sarah and Cory stayed a bit more inside the castle to have their wedding photos taken in that dramatic century-old structure. Before leaving for the second part of their photoshoot, Cory put out the bottle of wine that he’d been carrying all the way to the elopement spot and poured it to their glasses! They had a well-deserved toast for a successful destination elopement that they both just imagined eight months ago!

Elopement in Ireland on the Dingle Peninsula Slea Head location for an elopement in Ireland Dramatic Castle Elopement in Ireland

Some more adventures…

As if a wedding for two inside a historic castle was not enough for an adventure, Sarah and Cory headed to a more dramatic spot on the hill that offers a better view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The waves splashed behind them while they ran, kissed, and enjoyed the remaining moments of their destination elopement! At one point, Cory even picked fresh flowers from the ground and gave it to Sarah. It was such a cute scene!

To cap their day, they went up to another breathtaking spot nearby called Slea Head. It’s a popular location in Dingle with a pathway leading towards the highest point of the cliff. There, you can see cone-shaped rock formations right in the middle of the turquoise waters. It was such an awesome scene and it’s equally amazing how the weather held up to give Sarah and Cory an opportunity to pause and adore its beauty. Although Ireland is notorious for rainy days almost all year round, the couple enjoyed each moment of their elopement without a single drop of rain falling from the skies.

Dramatic Castle Elopement in Ireland Dramatic Castle Elopement in Ireland


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Author: Yana

Yana is the Editor of We Are The Wanderers blog since June 2020. She is also the founder of Peach Perfect Weddings, a destination wedding company that creates unique elopements and intimate weddings all over Europe.