A Quiraing Elopement On The Isle of Skye

These two artistic souls travelled across the globe to join hands and commit their lives to one another with a stunning elopement ceremony at the Quiraing on Scotland’s dramatic Isle of Skye.

A Quiraing Elopement On The Isle of Skye

We met sixteen years ago while studying visual arts at university in Australia. Well actually, we met at a music club a month before Uni started and reconnected once we realised we were studying together. In the city where we met there was a close-knit creative community which helped us to become good friends almost immediately, connected by a love of art and music — we have been inseparable ever since.

We decided to marry without much fanfare. It was easy: quite literally a walk in the park! We were visiting London and were on a stroll in Hyde Park. Predictably it started raining and while we were hiding under a large tree for cover, we started talking about our plans for the future and decided then and there — let’s do it!

We enjoy travelling and wanted to marry as part of a longer trip. We weren’t interested in a traditional wedding so we spent a long time searching for a location to elope, surrounded by nature. We saw so many awe-inspiring photographs of couples marrying in spectacular landscapes all around the world. Those who embraced a rugged terrain, battling the elements just to marry, were particularly inspiring. We settled on Scotland’s dramatic Highlands. We loved its epic and brooding qualities, and we were drawn to locations on the Isle of Skye, and its ancient landslip at Quiraing. We chose a location where we can return again and again over our lives in the knowledge that the land will be there as an enduring monument to our commitment.

We wanted to keep the event simple and straightforward. Yet, as we work in the arts, we were careful to make the right choices around each aspect of the event — particularly the photographer! We were thrilled to find our photographer Maureen Du Preez and celebrant Davina McCluskie. Being based in distant Australia, we found both Maureen and Davina via their websites and relevant blogs. We were so lucky to collaborate with them on our elopement, as both Maureen and Davina live in and around Skye and knew the landscape well. Maureen understood exactly how to document the occasion in a natural and down to earth way that made the event look intimate while capturing the drama of the environment. Her photographs were exceptional and it’s amazing that she was able to capture just the right moments!

The Isle was hit by a storm with heavy rain and strong winds in the week leading up to our elopement. On the day we were not sure what to expect. We were prepared to proceed regardless, come rain or shine, yet somehow once we arrived at the location, the rain ceased and the sun peaked out.


Photographer – Maureen du Preez
Celebrant – Devina McCluskie

A handfasting elopement ceremony on the Isle of Skye. Photographed by Maureen du Preez A traditional Scottish elopement ceremony on the Isle of Skye. Photographed by Maureen du Preez The newlyweds explore the windy Isle of Skye after their elopement ceremony. Photographed by Maureen du Preez A windy elopement on the Isle of Skye. Photographed by Maureen du Preez A Quiraing Elopement On The Isle of Skye photographed by Maureen du Preez


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Editor of We Are The Wanderers Cat Ekkelboom-White at Lake Prags in the Dolomites in Winter

Author: Cat Ekkelboom-White

Cat is the founder of We Are The Wanderers as well as a photographer for Wild Connections Photography and mentor at the Adventure Wedding Academy.