Adventurous Elopement at the Matterhorn

I know what you’re thinking… “didn’t they just share a story about an elopement at the Matterhorn recently?” Yes, yes we did (and you can see this elopement in Zermatt here). But we’re kind of going through a Switzerland obsession right now and felt that one elopement at the Matterhorn just wasn’t enough. Come on, it’s the Matterhorn and it’s amazing. Now you’ve got twice the Matterhorn elopement inspiration (during different seasons) in two short weeks! You’re welcome.

Matterhorn Elopement in Zermatt, Switzerland

Jacilyn and Jake got married in Switzerland – the perfect snowy elopement at the Matterhorn! They said their vows looking out on the mountains and adventured with their snow boots and strong love for each other. They ended the day exploring in the forests. Each moment was full of tears, laughter, and love. They danced their way through the snow and trees, making an unforgettable elopement.

Tell us how you met?

Jacilyn: We met in our last year of high school through a mutual friend. Jake use to ask him to invite me over so he could see me, we soon started dating. First impressions of Jake: at first aloof athletic hottie with a too cool for school attitude but soon realised he was a fun laid back guy with a big heart and great sense of humor.

Jake: My first impression of Jacilyn was that she was an intelligent, pretty and fun woman, with an incredible and cheeky smile.
Adventurous Elopement at the Matterhorn

Why did you choose your wedding location?

Matterhorn was an elopement spot recommended by Maddie Mae, our wedding photographer. We loved the idea of a mountain wedding in Iceland or Scotland, but Jake also really loved Switzerland and wanted to elope there. So that’s where we went!

How did you find your vendors?

We found our photographer on Instagram.

Adventurous Elopement at the MatterhornAdventurous Elopement at the Matterhorn

Tell us about your wedding attire?

Jacilyn’s wedding dress was handmade and Jake’s suit was from Bugatti.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding day?

We decided to elope because we wanted the wedding experience to be a more personal one rather then being on parade, we wanted to be able to tell each other how we feel without feeling weird with everyone watching. For our day we wanted to wake up in a nice cosy place, easy to medium hike to somewhere pretty, ceremony at the top of the hike, picnic post ceremony, explore around then hike back down, have a campfire and stargaze.

Adventurous Elopement at the Matterhorn Elopement picnic in Zermatt Adventurous Elopement at the Matterhorn Adventurous Elopement at the Matterhorn Elopement in Zermatt Adventurous Elopement at the Matterhorn

Any family or religious traditions incorporated into your day?

We did a handfasting ceremony with ribbons and read letters from our family. Then exchanging our own vows and exchanging rings.

Anything you are really glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do?

Everything was perfect. It was our magical dream wedding and we wouldn’t have done it any differently.

Autumn elopement in Zermatt Autumn elopement in ZermattAutumn elopement in Zermatt


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Author: Yana

Yana is the Editor of We Are The Wanderers blog since June 2020. She is also the founder of Peach Perfect Weddings, a destination wedding company that creates unique elopements and intimate weddings all over Europe.