An Elopement In The Swiss Alps

More and more couples are choosing to sign their official wedding papers back at home and head to somewhere wild and beautiful for their wedding pictures. And this is exactly what Wincy and Kenji decided to do for their elopement in the Swiss Alps. Wincy and Kenji came from Singapore and chose the beautiful Swiss town of Grindelwald as the base for their adventure. This picturesque town sits in the Swiss Alps region of the Bernese Highlands and is the perfect location for getting outside and experiencing some of Switzerland’s most beautiful scenery. They took along photographers Katja & Simon to capture this magical adventure.

An Elopement In The Swiss Alps

We were looking to have a relaxed day in the mountains. We chose Switzerland because of it’s beauty and because we have never been there before. We traveled around Europe a little bit before the elopement, visiting big cities so coming to these green mountains was a totally different experience. We wanted to find a magical place and we did! It’s a memory that we will hold for a lifetime. Hiking to the top of the mountain would take around 4 hours, so we decided to take the cable car instead. It was a marvellous ride, the views were spectacular. After reaching the top, we still had 30min or hiking to do to come to the lakes, but it was definitely worth it. We were hoping for sunny weather, so we could enjoy the views of the biggest Swiss mountains, but instead the forecast was not good. It was cloudy, foggy, and a bit cold. But these are the mountains – the weather changes quickly and we just embraced the situation. The clouds were rolling up and down the mountain really fast – one minute we were amazed by the greenery around us, the next we could barely see each other as the dense clouds passed by. It was a magical experience really, something that doesn’t happen often in one’s life. We also love how this adds a dramatic note to the photos.

We want to do an elopement photo session in Swiss Alps. For us, it was the perfect wedding scenario. A small town in the Swiss Alps surrounded by wonderful nature. We wanted something extraordinary, and it was!

A Swiss Alps elopement shoot by KatjaSimon Photography A pre-wedding shoot in the Swiss Alps by KatjaSimon Photography Bride and groom walk along a lake in the Swiss Alps by KatjaSimon Photography A Swiss Alps elopement shoot by KatjaSimon Photography Couple sits on a rock by a mountain lake in the Swiss Alps by KatjaSimon Photography An elopement shoot at a mountain lake in Grindelwald Switzerland by KatjaSimon Photography


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