Anniversary Couple Shoot At Lac Blausee In Switzerland

One of the reasons I created this platform was to inspire couples around the world to go on adventures, and to connect them with amazing vendors in the destinations where they were traveling. So when Switzerland-based photographer Caroline Hancox messaged me to say that a couple had reached out to her after finding her on the blog, I literally jumped with joy, and told her she absolutely had to send their story in to be featured on the blog.

This beautiful couple travelled to Switzerland to celebrate their wedding anniversary and captured the adventure at the stunning Lac Blausee (the name literally means “Blue Lake”)

Anniversary Couple Shoot At Lac Blausee In Switzerland

A married couple celebrate their anniversary at Lake Blausee in Switzerland by Caroline Hancox Photography Black & White pictures of a couple hugging wearing winter hats by Caroline Hancox Photography An anniversary couple shoot at Lac Blausee in Switzerland by Caroline Hancox Photography A couple kissing in the woods with Autumn leaves on the ground at Lake Blausee by Caroline Hancox Photography An Autumn photo shoot at Lake Blausee in Switzerland for a wedding anniversary by Caroline Hancox Photography

We have been married for almost 5 years, and are originally from New Hampshire and North Carolina. We met in college, got married in Tennessee, and for the last 3 years have been living in Baltimore. We were fortunate enough to be able to relocate this summer back home to Charlotte, where we are raising our 1 year old daughter, Poppy!

We have always loved the mountains and the fall, so we originally planned this trip as our honeymoon, but ended up choosing a different location. A few years later for our anniversary, we decided to take our dream trip to Switzerland! The views and landscape was as incredible and breathtaking as it appears in the photos. As a surprise, Emma contacted Caroline and set up this photo shoot at Lac Blausee, which was less than an hour drive from where we were staying in Adelboden. The location was something neither of us had heard of, but Emma saw a few pictures and fell in love and wanted this to be where we took photos.

Emma did a Google Search for photographers in Switzerland. Caroline’s name popped up, and after looking at her work (along with others), her past work was the clear winner so she reached out to book!

Originally, it was just a fun way for us to capture memories from our trip and to have some new photos of us we could put up in the house (to balance out the ones from our wedding and engagement shoot!). What made this special though is that we had just found out 3 days before leaving for the trip that Emma was pregnant with our first child, so the trip (and photo shoot) took on a whole new meaning! It was a chance to celebrate us as a couple and a fun way to celebrate the exciting news of our baby! We told Caroline when we got there about the baby, and honestly she was one of the first people anywhere to find out. We were waiting until Thanksgiving to tell our family since it was still all so new.

Being out in nature and taking in the scenery in a place that felt make-believe. So much of the terrain, including the mountains, the wooded areas, and of course the lake (which is so clear you can see dozens of feet to the bottom as if it was only a few inches deep) felt like something out of a fairytale. Not to mention the weather was perfect for the shoot. It had just snowed the day before so the mountains were just dusted, and the clouds had rolled in perfectly to set the scene.

Take photos together! Take trips together and celebrate the love you have with one another. Continue to date, surprise each other with fun and new experiences. And when in doubt, go take an amazing trip to the Swiss Alps!


Editor of We Are The Wanderers Cat Ekkelboom-White at Lake Prags in the Dolomites in Winter

Author: Cat Ekkelboom-White

Cat is the founder of We Are The Wanderers as well as a photographer for Wild Connections Photography and mentor at the Adventure Wedding Academy.