Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains

Today photographer Rita Foldi takes us on a walk around the Aurunci Mountains in Italy, nestled between the two metropolitan cities of Rome and Naples, for Giada and Luigi’s romantic anniversary photoshoot.

Love at Monte Redentore

On a late summer day together with Giada and Luigi, I went on a wonderful hike in the Aurunci mountains, in the south of Lazio region where I live (Italy) to purely celebrate Love, their love. I have been wanting to go to Monte Redentore for a long time and when finally they had some free time we planned to go together. I was so excited to discover that area with them. In fact, it is close to their city so it was the perfect destination. We originally planned to visit the Hermitage of Saint Michael the Archangel too, but unfortunately the sun set before we could go there (it was another hour hike plus back to the car), so it will be for next time!

Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains

We started the walk and stopped in all the beautifully lit spots, in between trees and the gorgeous forest. Our minds were blown away just as we knew they would be, by the beautiful landscape and panorama we saw when we arrived on the open side of the mountain: the Gulf of Gaeta and afar, the Gulf of Naples were laying in front of us. The sea was like glittering and it felt so summery, with a bit of wind on our faces, we felt like we ruled the world. We continued walking toward the statue of the Christ the Redeemer (yes, like the one in Rio), stopping in the middle of the field and enjoying every bit of sunshine taking photos and dancing.

Anniversary Shoot Anniversary Shoot Couple hugging Wedding rings and tattoos Couples cuddling

Even if it was almost October, the weather was amazing and Luigi and Giada were simply awesome. They were not used to having their photos taken and felt a bit shy at the beginning, but loosened up as we talked and laughed. “We usually do not show affection in public” they said, and we laughed cause they were holding hands and kissing and cuddling all along while I was taking photos. They had been together for 13 years before getting married, the classic situation when all your friends keep asking when you will get married. So they did, in May 2018 in front of all their families and friends with a huge party and celebration. As they were telling me about their wedding day, I could feel it was full of emotional moments, and demonstration of love, from their friends with an impromptu flash mob, and from their parents who could not end their speech because of happy tears.

Couple holding hands Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains Anniversary Shoot Anniversary Kiss

Even before getting married, they have already been boyfriend and girlfriend during their teen years. “He was my first real love. But as it often does, life happens. We split up when our roads took different directions.” – Giada told me. But since she has always been a friend of Luigi’s sister, they always stayed somehow connected. “There has always been a thin rope connecting us. This is how 8 years after we broke up, we found each other again. As they say, I guess you never forget your first love and I am incredibly happy to have married him. I have always known deep inside that he was the one for me.”

Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains Anniversary Shoot in the Aurunci Mountains Couple in the Aurunci Mountains Couple Kissing

Can you think of a most beautiful love declaration?! At the last spot, Luigi and Giada exchanged the longest kiss, just ‘cause they’re not used to showing affection in public! Then we said goodbye to the mountains and promised we would be back soon.


Photographer – Amor Vincit Omnia (Rita Foldi)

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