Couple Session On The Island Of Madeira

Today we’re letting Aida & Tim take you to the enchanting Portuguese island of Madeira:

Europe has so much to offer in terms of ever-changing landscapes – and as lovers of the great outdoors, we take advantage of living in Germany to embark upon small trips to different regions throughout the year. In January 2018, we decided to visit Madeira, Portugal with a couple of friends of ours, Leonie and Daniel.

Couple Session On The Island Of Madeira

It was a great opportunity to do a fun couple session with them on this beautiful island. We were eager to spend an afternoon hiking and thus, picked Ponta de São Lourenço as an ideal location. This natural park provides a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and boasts spectacular volcanic rock formations.

On our way there, we noticed red rocks resembling a scene from outer space on the side of the road. We could not let this opportunity to take some one-of-a-kind pictures pass us by. Since it is located close to the airport, we were able to integrate an aeroplane taking off into our images. We then continued our journey to Ponta de São Lourenço, just a few minutes down the road.

It was a lovely day with clear skies and sunshine – unlike the previous few days full of rain and heavy wind. The view from the top truly did not disappoint – it was a perfect spot for us to soak in the fresh air and enjoy a snack whilst looking upon the vast ocean. Afterwards, we continued along the hiking trail until we noticed a path leading down the cliffs to a secluded beach. It was fun to have Leonie and Daniel step into the water and enjoy the waves. Before we knew it, we had spent about three hours wandering about and the weather started to change, therefore, we decided to make our way back to the car.

We are always excited to photograph adventurous couples that love to be outdoors, free and uninhibited. We look forward to more similar photo shoots in the future that are inspired by a sense of wonder.

Couple on red lava rock formations in Madeira by Konstanz-Fotograf A couple hikes around the cliffs in Madeira by Konstanz-Fotograf A husband gives his wife a piggyback along the cliffs in Madeira by Konstanz-Fotograf Hiking along the cliffs in Madeira by Konstanz-Fotograf A couple enjoys the stunning cliff views in Madeira by Konstanz-Fotograf Couple leaves their shoes on the pebble beach and goes paddling in the ocean in Madeira by Konstanz-Fotograf A couple kisses on the clifftops in Madeira by Konstanz-Fotograf

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Couple Shoot In Madeira by Aida & Tim on We Are The Wanderers Adventure Wedding Blog Post

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