Couples Who Adventure Together: 5 Reasons Adventurous Couples Have Stronger Relationships

Most couples have a thing that they love to do together. For some, that’s dining out in swanky restaurants. For others, it’s climbing a mountain together. But did you know that the act of getting outside with your partner can actually help build a stronger relationship?

5 Reasons Adventurous Couples Have Stronger Relationships

Couple looking at each other lovingly in a tent in Norway
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You Have Shared Goals

No matter how much you love your partner, of course, you’re not always going to want the same things. But when you decide to hike up a mountain together, you’re agreeing on a shared goal.  You both want to get to the top, even though you know it’s not going to be easy. And because you share that goal, you’re going to keep motivating each other to achieve it. And nothing beats that feeling of celebrating together when you reach the top.

You Literally Put Your Lives In Each Other’s Hands

Whether you’re going mountaineering over glaciers or skiing in the backcountry, when you’re adventures start to get a little more extreme, so do the risks. Doing these things as a couple often means knowing that you’re putting your life in the other person’s hands. It involves trusting them on a whole other level, and knowing that if things did go wrong, they would know what to do.

You Take Away The Distractions

Hands up who has checked their phone during a dinner with their partner or used a day-off together to catch up on grocery shopping and housework? Whilst these things are a part of everyday life, when you go on an adventure together, such as a camping weekend, you’re removing these distractions. Instead of scrolling through social media or doing the washing-up whilst attempting to also have a conversation, you spend time really talking with each other.

You Learn To Put Egos Aside

Sometimes you find yourselves in a situation where you know you’re going to be challenged, either physically or mentally. And it’s in those moments where you have to decide if you want to pretend you’re in control or ask the other person for help. You quickly learn that asking for help isn’t admitting defeat. Rather it’s saying, “I can’t do this on my own, so let’s do it together.”

You Create Amazing Memories Together

When you’re out on adventures together, you’re creating memories together. The sorts of ones you’ll talk about for years to come.

Cat & Menno Ekkelboom watch the sunset over the ocean in Croatia by WIld Connections Photography
Image by Wild Connections Photography


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