How Elopement Packages Can Take The Stress Out Of Wedding Planning

Whilst intimate weddings and elopements may take less planning than a big, lavish wedding celebrations, some couples can still find the process quite overwhelming. When you’re trying to find wedding venues and trustworthy vendors in a country where you don’t speak the language or know much about the area, a wedding planner can help take that stress away from you. Today I’d like to introduce you to Yana from Peach Perfect Weddings who shares my love of intimate weddings and meaningful elopements. After starting off planning luxury weddings, she soon realised that it was the small, intimate celebrations of love that she adored the most. So she set out to change the course of Peach Perfect Weddings to become a leader in planning truly unique elopement packages in Europe.

How Elopement Packages Can Take The Stress Out Of Wedding Planning

Vendor Spotlight With Peach Perfect Weddings

Peach Perfect Weddings is a European wedding planning company that’s all about making intimate destination weddings in Europe come true, with simple and stress-free elopement packages.

Starting from the type of wedding that you’re going to have up to the venue of your ceremony, we always present something out-of-the box and exhilarating, yet always focused on the most important people in a wedding – YOU!

Peach Perfect Weddings Elopement Packages In Europe - Photo by Katya Koliban
Photo by Katya Koliban

Our Strategy

Taking you, together with a few guests, to a unique wedding location in Europe without costing you an arm and a leg. This means giving you a chance to have a small wedding in a country estate in Italy surrounded by greenery and beautiful hills, in the middle of a mystical wedding forest in Germany, or in a historic castle ruin perched on a rocky headland in the Northern Ireland coast. And all this without having to plan it by yourselves, from the other side of the world, but rather relying on the simplicity of our elopement packages.

These are just some of hundreds of European wedding venues that we’ve discovered and personally inspected for adventurous couples who dream of getting married in a place with a breathtaking view.

Our Background

But we have not been doing this from the very beginning. PPW originally started as a group of planners for bespoke and luxurious weddings. We began to fall in love with the idea of small weddings when we heard couples saying that they would have gone for a smaller celebration had they known that it was possible. They regretted splurging funds on many things that weren’t centred on the most important thing out of all – the celebration of love. Aside from these confessions, what fuelled our love for elopement packages is that we noticed a growing trend towards having more intimate marriage celebrations with a fewer guests.

Destination elopement packages in Italy by Peach Perfect Weddings - Photo by F Weddings
Photo by F Weddings

Our Locations – Italy & Beyond

So what we did was to use our experience and network of suppliers and venues to design our services accordingly. Now, we’re offering destination elopement packages for couples who want to elope in Italy and other European countries. These packages for a small wedding in Italy include only the essentials of an intimate marriage celebration. They are more focused on quality and not quantity.

You might ask, why Italy? One main reason: we hate wedding factories! We noticed that there are so many popular wedding venues in Italy that might be abusing the fact this country is one of the top choices for destination weddings. Some of them are charging “wedding rates” that are far above the experience that they offer to couples. This is what we planned to explicitly avoid – wedding factories that sound too amazing but are more expensive than what they actually cost!

So last year, we spent a total of three weeks traveling across Italy and inspecting venues to find a few gems that are not as expensive as the overrated ones. We knew that there are tons of hidden wedding locations within the unexplored regions and villages of Italy. These venues are what we needed for our elopement packages.

Thanks to the success of our 3-week exploration and to our network of Italian suppliers, we were able to create packages that contain only the essential elements of a destination wedding.

Over the years, we’ve refined our packages into something that always includes unique Italian wedding venues. These destination wedding packages are bereft of any expensive non-essentials but are complete to give you a gorgeous Italian elopement or small wedding. Aside from the venue suppliers, we’ve also established connections with talented photographers, videographers, makeup and hair stylists, and florists in Italy. These and all other wedding vendors that you’ll need for a dreamy Italian wedding are included in our elopement packages.

Elopement packages in Italy from Peach Perfect Weddings - Photo by Sasa Adamovic
Photo by Sasa Adamovic

All that you have to do is to talk to us, pick from the hundreds of iconic, rugged, dramatic, historic, and quirky wedding venues that we have on file, tell us how you want the ceremony to unfold, and we’ll take care of the rest. This way, you only need to fly to Italy shortly before your wedding! That’s like diving into an unknown adventure minus all the danger!

Our previous couples loved that we had pre-selected the best services and suppliers for them. Like you, they were not looking for a “low-budget solution,” but rather how to spend their money wisely by trusting us to source the very best for them.

Of course, the biggest reason for the reduction of cost is the reduction of headcount. With a smaller guest list, we’ve also made it possible for our couples to have a wedding in Northern Ireland or a small wedding in Germany! We applied our strategy to these two countries, along with other European states so that we can give you an even wider range of options.

Peach Perfect Weddings has found its niche in European elopements and small weddings. These intimate celebrations are perfect for adventurous couples who love nature and unusual plans!

Are you one of them? Can you see yourselves having your ceremony in front of a century-old Italian villa, or on a white-sanded beach in Italy? Or inside a medieval German castle? Or near the edge of a cliff in Northern Ireland, with breathtaking views of the mountains and the Atlantic ocean? We‘ve made all of these adventures possible for our couples, and we want to do the same for you!

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Peach Perfect Weddings Elopement packages - Photo by Iain Irwin
Photo by Iain Irwin

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Peach Perfect Weddings Elopement Packages in Europe are the answer to a stress-free dream elopement in Europe

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