Lake Eibsee: One of the best places to elope in Germany

In my humble opinion, I think Eibsee is one of the most enchanting German lakes to be found in Bavaria – and it’s simply perfect for an intimate elopement ceremony surrounded by nature. (If you don’t believe me, check out this stunning Eibsee elopement we featured on the blog a couple of years ago!) I’ve teamed up with local photographer Ana Lobado to bring you insider tips and advice on how to plan your very own wedding in this magical place. So if you’re looking to elope in Germany – don’t miss this one!

How to plan your Eibsee elopement

Why is it Lake Eibsee one of the best places to elope in Germany

If you ever asked yourself whether it’s possible to have a legendary wedding without spending lots and lots of money, you will love the idea of eloping to the Lake Eibsee in Germany. Although some couples dream about having a big and traditional wedding, more and more often I see people preferring the idea of having an elopement. I can completely understand why! After all, who isn’t attracted by the possibility of having an intimate and adventurous wedding?

If you are part of the elopement team, the Lake Eibsee in Germany might be the perfect location for you! The amazing mountain landscape and its emerald-green shimmering water are already enough reasons to love the place. Add to it the fact that not so many people choose this as an elopement location, and you will have something even more special! Are you excited to know more about eloping to the Eibsee? So, keep reading, because I prepared a couple of insider tips for you.

Eibsee elopementGet married on Lake Eibsee in Germany

How to start planning your elopement to the Lake Eibsee

The Lake Eibsee, lies at the foot of the highest mountain in Germany, and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Bavarian Alps. Despite being very popular between tourists, it is not so famous as a place to elope such as Lake Tahoe or Lake Como. That is why many couples are a little bit lost about how to plan an elopement in this wonderful location. 

So, my first tip for you is: get a wedding planner! Someone that knows the logistics, the regional vendors and that can save you from having a lot of headache. Eloping might sound simpler than having a big wedding, but it is still important (and super useful) to have someone around that really know the ‘rules’ of the location. 

Couple elope in Germany Elopement on Lake Eibsee in Germany

Best Time of Year to Elope

One of the main reasons that make the Lake Eibsee one of the best locations to elope in Germany, is that it looks gorgeous all year-round. If you dream about having a winter elopement, the mountains will look even more sublime, magically covered in white. If warm weather is your thing, you will be amazed by the reflections of the colorful trees on the green water. But my favorite season of all is definitely fall: the misty atmosphere brought by foggy mornings make the location SO stunning! Can you imagine how beautiful are the clouds almost touching their reflection on the lake?

No matter which season you dream about eloping, the Lake Eibsee you make you breathless the first time you see it. Still, I would strongly recommend you to avoid holidays or the peak season of June to August. Since it is a touristic place, the surroundings are obviously more crowded during that time, and it might be harder to find a quiet spot for an intimate elopement.

Elope in Germany at lake Eibsee

Let’s talk logistics: how to get there?

Once you defined the time and date, we can already start thinking about the logistics. You can stay at the Hotel Eibsee the night before and after your wedding. Yes, the Hotel is not so cheap, but it’s worth it to wake up and be already at the location, right? Specially because being there earlier allows you to have the best light and the location free of other tourists.

If you can’t stay at the Hotel, consider renting a car to have more flexibility. Driving your own car is definitely the easiest and more convenient way of arriving at the Eibsee Lake. There you will find three main options of parking: the Hotel Eibsee Parking lot, the Cable Car Parking Lot or just parking along the Eibseestraße. For the first two possibilities, you will have to buy a ticket. The last option is free, although you will have to walk around 1km until getting to the lake.

If you don’t have a car and are staying in Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Grainau you also have the option of getting the Eibsee Bus. It stops directly in front of the lake.

bride and groom in the woods

What else do you need?

Although the Eibsee is not a huge lake, there are so many diverse locations to have your ceremony and do an after shooting. This is why I would also recommend working with vendors that already know the location. It might be pretty exhausting to walk around searching for a quieter place to hold the ceremony or to think about all the amazing details you could have had photographed after the day is already gone.

Make sure you trust the people around you, so you can make the best of such a special day!

Bride and groom dancing in the woods Forest reflection on the lake


PhotographyAna Paula Lobato

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Author: Yana

Yana is the Editor of We Are The Wanderers blog since June 2020. She is also the founder of Peach Perfect Weddings, a destination wedding company that creates unique elopements and intimate weddings all over Europe.