Pre-wedding shoot on Lake Turano in Italy

They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. So in that spirit, when life gives you Coronavirus, and you have to postpone that one day of the year you have been most waiting for – your wedding day – you go and commemorate it with a romantic pre-wedding photoshoot on Lake Turano in Italy. And that is exactly what Italian couple, Paola and Stefano, did when it became clear that their wedding day will have to be put on hold for another year…

Stefano and I met in 2013. He was invited to the wedding of one of his friends and meanwhile I was working for that event as a waitress. He looked for me and asked me to start working in his own restaurant. A short time later he revealed that he liked me from the first moment he saw me and after a few months of courtship we started dating. Seven years have passed since those days and on 1 June 2020 we should have fulfilled our dream of getting married. The marriage proposal arrived on the day of my graduation, in fact during the party Stefano got down on his knee in front of my friends and relatives and it was amazing that I shared that moment close to all the people I love, even if I was a little embarrassed, unlike Stefano, who is much more uninhibited than I am.

The Coronavirus pandemic unfortunately forced us to postpone the wedding to 2021 and for this reason we decided to gift us a premarital photo shoot. So, we started looking for a location suitable for the ideas we were inspired by. Since we are both nature lovers, we decided to shoot in a place not too far from our home, namely the Lake Turano, which is in the province of Rieti. Obviously, before making the final decisions, we talked to the professionals who will also work for us on our wedding day, namely the photographer Giulia and the videographer Omar. They immediately followed our ideas and were fantastic in making our dream real. We shot towards sunset and it was a unique experience, the lights of the sun coming down on the lake made everything even more magical and Omar and Giulia were impeccable in capturing those moments that we will remember forever thanks to their photos and video. We cannot wait for them to capture the moments of our future wedding day.

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PhotoGiulia Angelozzi
Location – Lago del Turano

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Author: Yana

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