5 Tips For Epic Wedding Photos

Most couples dream of epic wedding photos that they can hang on their walls and ever be reminded of how awesome their wedding was. If you’ve seen some of the real weddings and couple shoots that I’ve featured on the blog, you’ll hopefully have been inspired by some of the incredible photography and are now dreaming about creating your own epic wedding photos.

But there is more to getting great images than just having a great photographer. Epic wedding photos are the result of a collaboration between you and your photographer. So what can you do to ensure you get some epic wedding pictures?

5 Tips For Epic Wedding Photos

1. Don’t Try To Save Money On Photography

I’ve been a bride, so I know how expensive weddings can be. But compromising on your wedding photography means you might end up being disappointed with the end result. And after the wedding day is over, it’s the photos that will remain when everything else has been eaten/thrown out/sold (except your spouse I hope!). You don’t need to search hard on Google to see that one of the biggest regrets couples have is not spending enough on photography. Sometimes that’s booking a cheap photographer instead of the photographer that you love. For other couples like Sanne & Kristian, it’s not having the photographer for the whole day.

Waterfront Wedding in Denmark by Lauren McCormick Photography
Image by Lauren McCormick Photography

Top Tip:
Find a photographer whose work you love, but also someone whose personality you connect with too. It makes for a much more fun and relaxed experience for everyone, and it definitely shows in the photos.

2. Allocate As Much Time As Possible For Photos

Most epic wedding photos weren’t taken in a quick 10 minute session. When you create your wedding day schedule, plan as much time as you can for your pictures. More time means you’ll have the chance to explore different locations and look for the best light. And unless you’re used to being in front of the camera, you’re going to need a bit of time to get used to it and start relaxing and having fun.

Cliff top Hand fasting of Jon and Sara, on the Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare, Ireland Captured by Photographers Seandkate Jon & Sara climb up a hill with a view of the cliffs of Moher and ocean behind them
Image by Sean & Kate

Top Tip:
Try to go to a location away from your guests for your pictures. Having your picture taken can feel uncomfortable enough without having your mother-in-law watching from the sidelines.

3. Schedule Around The Light

No all light was made equal. Mid-day light is bright and harsh while morning and evening light can be soft and golden. A photographer’s favourite time to shoot is the golden hour, which happens around 1 hour after sunrise or before sunset. Some photographers also love blue hour, which happens just after sunset/before sunrise. When you’re planning your wedding day schedule, talk with your photographer about when the light will be the best, and if you can, try to schedule your pictures then.

Welsh beach wedding by Claudia Rose Carter
Image by Claudia Rose Carter

Top Tip:
If the schedule doesn’t allow for sunset pictures, consider booking an after-wedding session with your photographer the day after to get some extra pictures in epic light.

4. Give It 100%

Most couples say that they are nervous about being photographed. And that’s perfectly normal! But getting epic images does require you to throw a bit of caution in to the wind, let go of your inhibitions and just roll with it. Sometimes that might mean getting your dress a little dirty or not being afraid to let your crazy awesome weirdness shine through.

Engagement session in Germany Image by Carito Photography
Image by Carito Photography

Top Tip:
If you’re really nervous about being in front of the camera, book an engagement session with your photographer so that you can see how it feels without being under the pressure of a wedding day.

5. Don’t Forget A Videographer

Having a videographer adds another dimension to your wedding memories. Whilst you can’t hang a video on your wall, having a beautiful wedding film that you can watch together will bring back those warm and fuzzy feelings every time you see it.

Top Tip:
Just as photographers have different styles, so do videographers, so do some research before you book to find out what style you like. Some offer highlight films with music above them, while others will include original sound from the day to bring the memories back to life.


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