Waterfront Wedding In Denmark

Today’s real wedding Wednesday is a stunning waterfront wedding in Denmark captured by the wonderful Lauren McCormick Photography. Scandinavia has been a popular wedding destination for years, but I haven’t seen many weddings from Denmark before. After seeing Sanne & Kristian’s effortlessly elegant intimate celebration on the Danish coast, I really hope to see more!

Waterfront Wedding In Denmark

So…. It all starts with a night out in Svendborg about 4 1/2 years ago. We had previously met each other through Kristian’s sister Maria, who knows me from the business life in Svendborg. Kristian and his sister were on a night out and we started chatting across the bar buying drinks to one another. We were both singles at the time but I did not plan for anything to happen because he was too young! I knew him and his twin brother from the rumours that they were trouble (they still are)! So I did not want to go down that road. Surely he could not be the man for me. As the night went on we got to talk more and more. Kristian was very persistent and wanted to invite me on a date. I was very reluctant and thought he was too young. However he kept on saying: “it’s just food”. Somehow that spoke to me and I agreed we could figure something out. A few days after the weekend Kristian came by with lunch, it seemed more casual that way and not like a “real date”. He also knew I was by myself in the shop (I own a flower shop in Svendborg) and therefore did not have the time to go out in the middle of the day. It turned out to be some of the best hours in my life – and we were lucky not to be interrupted by any customers. I got to the point where I realized that maybe I had been wrong about him all along!…. We talked continuously and actually had many things in common. When he left the shop 3 hours later, I knew it was my turn to take some initiative if I wanted to see him again – and I did! So we agreed to go on a real date the next Saturday! I don’t think I had ever been on a date like that! We ate and talked for hours about EVERYTHING! From funny stories from our childhood, about our work, things we love, to people we lost way too early in life. Not that often, that I open up to people that fast. (As I’m writing this, its like being back in time and I remember it all so clearly!) We have been together as a couple from that day – without me ever doubting that He was the man for me! And luckily he felt the same way!

Waterfront Wedding in Denmark by Lauren McCormick Photography The bride in her elegant Josefine Ingversen wedding dress

Sanne and I had never really talked about marriage and was very much on the same page regarding this. We both did not grow up with big dreams about big white weddings or anything like that, but as we got more and more involved and also decided to try and start a family, the thought of marriage reappeared and did not seem so silly after all. I had started thinking of places and scenarios where I would propose to her. Especially when I was at work (offshore drilling for oil in the North Sea) I started planning and ordering trips for balloon rides over fields in Holland. It was only some weeks later I realized I wanted to make it much more subtle. So I cancelled the balloon ride and my new plan was something much more down to earth in Amsterdam, where we decided to go in April. However as plans have a way of changing this was the case with my propsal plans as well… The week before our trip to Amsterdam, we had invited family and friends over for an Easter lunch/dinner. The day went on into night and as I was sitting there I thought about us and the things we love in life. The simplicity in things are often the most beautiful. So with a little bit of Danish Snaps in my blood I decided now is the time. I looked at Sanne and could not think of a better place and time to tell her I love her, and I want to live the rest of my days with her. I told her to follow me upstairs because I had to show her something. We walked into our guest room where I had hidden the ring among some clothes. I fell on my knee and showed the ring as I was about to ask her to marry me. She got very shocked and almost fell out of the room. But as she came to her senses and realized what was going on, she became very emotional. As I am writing this the answer is not a big secret. A BIG YES!

A first look before the ceremony at this waterfront wedding in Denmack by Lauren McCormick Photography

We went around Svendborg trying to decide a venue for the wedding. A lot of different places were looked at but we just couldn’t find the place that felt right. That was not until we went to look at “Kogtved Søfartsskole” which is an old school for sea farers. The building is located right down to “Svendborgsund” which is the sea that divides the small islands of Svendborg. We found the place to be perfect as all our guests could spend the night there. Furthermore as Kristian’s family have always been either sailors or offshore workers the place seemed even more appropriate. We also knew that we did not want a traditional church wedding. So we wanted a place, where we could get wed outside by the sea. The place was perfect!!
A waterfront wedding ceremony in Denmark by Lauren McCormick Photography

Kristian and I was determined from the start that we wanted to personalize the wedding as much as possible. We wanted the guests to be able to see “us” in everything on our big day. This place let us do exactly that. We knew every single person that was involved in doing anything at the wedding. The chefs were friends of ours, all the tables, chairs, cutlery and so on came from a business partner of mine and so on. Even the man who wed us is the father of one of my employees so that made the whole experience even more personal.

We wanted a wedding where our guests felt like home – but also completely spoiled by us 🙂 They deserve the best. We found a place where they could all spend the night and wake up to the most amazing view over the sea. We wanted the food to be the main thing about our wedding – everyone knows, that both Kristian and I are huge fans of gourmet food. So we went with a 5 course menu with delicious wines . After the wedding ceremony we served A huge and perfect wedding cake with berries of the season.

Waterfront wedding location Kogtved Soefartskole in Denmark by Lauren McCormick Photography

Its impossible to mention only one thing 😉 But some of them where our First Look, that Lauren (our photographer) arranged for us. It was the perfect way to start our day together and it was very private and romantic. When we first came out together on the huge terrace hand in hand – and saw all of our guests smiling at us !! Kristians (and Sannes) speech to one another. And our first dance together as newly weeds – Kristian hates to dance, but on this day, he truly enjoyed every minute of it!

Bride and groom portraits by the ocean at their waterfront wedding in Denmark by Lauren McCormick Photography

We had the best day that we could ever wished for! But if there where ONE thing – we regret that we didn’t have Lauren (Our photographer) with us for the entire day! We had no idea, that her pictures would mean so much to us! She managed to capture the joy and love between us and the atmosphere of the whole wedding – but she left the party in the afternoon (by our own choice) – and we should have kept her until the next morning!

Bride and groom portraits at a waterfront wedding in Denmark by Lauren McCormick Photography

It is possible to plan an entire wedding in less than a year 😉 – we did it in 3 months 😉 Make sure you enjoy the day and each other.

Vendor Credits

Venue: Kogtved Soefartskole, Svendborg, Denmark
Dress: Josefine Ingversen  //  Flowers: Acacia, Svendborg  //  Suit: Hugo Boss
Cake: Wendorff Svendborg  // Hair/Makeup: M&M Hairstyle 

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