Eco Friendly Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are one of the many things that you’ll find on a wedding planning checklist of things for your wedding reception. And while more and more couples are choosing to move away from a lot of wedding traditions, wedding favours are still very popular. Many couples still feel the pressure of being expected to give their guests a small thank you gift or memento to take home from their wedding day. And now there are some wonderful options out there for eco friendly wedding favours, meaning that couples can not only give their guests a thoughtful gift, but perhaps also make a small gesture to help promote environmental awareness.

Whether you’re looking for eco friendly wedding favours to wow your wedding guests, or an eco friendly DIY alternative, here are some of my favourite options to get people thinking about being more green.

Eco Friendly Wedding Favours

DIY Wildflower Seed Bombs

Wild flowers look beautiful and they also help to promote biodiversity amongst flora and fauna, such as bees, birds and butterflies. Why not make wildflower seed bombs for your wedding guests as a lovely take-home favour? This easy tutorial will show you how – and not only is it eco friendly, but its also a great budget-friendly option too. Just make sure you get native wildflowers to your area so avoid introducing any foreign species of plants to your area.


Bamboo Toothbrushes

Giving your guests something that they can use in their everyday life is a great way of giving them a gift they can use over and over again, and perhaps get them thinking about their own daily impact on the environment. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months, which is a lot of plastic being thrown in to landfill and ending up in the ocean. In recent years the emergence of bamboo toothbrushes as a more eco friendly alternative is becoming more popular, and companies such as Bamwoo are going 1 step further by pledging to plant 1 tree for every brush sold.

Bamwoo Bamboo Toothbrush - image by Cat Ekkelboom-White


Canvas Tote Bag

More retailers are moving away from single use plastic grocery bags and now many of us carry re-usable shopping bags with us when we do our food shopping. Why not give your guests something to smile about every time they are in the supermarket, by giving them a personalised canvas tote bag, like these ones from Etsy as a wedding favour. You’ll be giving them something they can use every day as well as helping reduce plastic waste.

PrintableSky on Etsy Wedding Tote Bag
Image via PrintableSkye on Etsy


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Editor of We Are The Wanderers Cat Ekkelboom-White at Lake Prags in the Dolomites in Winter

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